Prosperity Sessions with DK and Ra Ma

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Activate Your Money Energy Now!

Are you tired of scraping by? Worn out from trying to push through blocks to reach a new level of prosperity? Sick of allowing old beliefs about self-worth to control you? Ready to step out of hiding and share your gift - and make more money in the process?  

Join DK and Ra Ma for this special three-part webinar that will encourage and empower you to start creating the prosperity you desire.

We'll be sharing our own experiences on the path to becoming successful 'spiritual entrepreneurs' as we explore themes including:

  • How to activate your energy and make more money with a skill or gift you already possess
  • The New Renaissance: why the world needs your creativity now more than ever
  • The Prosperity Triangles: money, energy, creativity and relationship
  • The 3 places where "Manifestation" and Law of Attraction dead-end for most people 
  • What are you really selling? (It's not a product or service.)
  • Perfectionism - the troll under the bridge
  • What astrology tells us about creativity, relationships and money
  • How to use the energy of the lunar cycle to clear old patterns and attract more abundance

We will share techniques and teachings from astrology, kundalini yoga, the alchemical/mystical wisdom tradition, and our own entrepreneurial experience to help you:

  • Dissolve the blocks that keep you from receiving
  • Strengthen your nervous system so you can hold more energy
  • Honor your unique giftedness and share it in exchange for prosperity
  • Identify your niche market or core audience
  • Fail faster and more often (and succeed bigger and sooner)
  • Stop - overgiving, procrastinating, and time-wasting - in the name of love!
  • Own your fears of being seen so you can stop hiding and start receiving what you want

Details--Sessions will be held every two weeks via live streaming video on Zoom. Sundays at 8 pm EST - November 13 and 27 and December 11. (Blasting off on the Taurus Super Moon and culminating with the Dec. 13 Gemini Full Moon.)

Join by computer video or voice or call in by phone. Video and audio recordings available after the call.

Investment--$36 for all three sessions or drop in $18 per session.

Ra Ma is an alchemist of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Dharma Art, Herbal and Daoist Stone Medicine.  Her love of astrology introduced her to DK and she is grateful to learn this cosmic language at his side.  Ra Ma lives in Asheville, NC and you may learn more about her at

DK Brainard is a writer, musician, astrologer, coach and self-experimenter who turned his passion for astrology into a global practice with fans and clients on six continents. He is currently developing a one-man soul circus, teaching astrology classes, and trying to keep up with two Aquarian Age super kids. Learn more at:

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Prosperity Sessions with DK and Ra Ma

0 ratings
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